• Traveling
  • My Top Highlight in each Country


    This is a long time coming, and I’ve been meaning to publicly summarize my thoughts and consolidate my experiences on my journey. Since returning, so many people have reached out to me, expressed their curiosity, and asked me for advice. I’ve become a de facto Asia travel planner and role model for other women who want to […]

  • Vietnam
  • Too Much Happy Water


    Our second day in Sa Pa and our first morning, I wake up late and head down the rickety ladder to the table for breakfast. Michelle informs me that she’s just witnessed them killing a duck in the kitchen. I can see the blood on the floor. She decides that she no longer wants to […]

  • Cambodia
  • Coastal Cambodia


    I hate to say it, but Cambodia was not my favorite country. On a scale from 1 to 10, it was barely a 6. Not great, not bad. Just okay. Some countries just don’t appeal to me, for whatever reason. Southern Cambodia was really the only part I enjoyed. The rest of Cambodia was lackluster for […]

  • Laos
  • Three Weeks in Laos


    Laos offered much more than I expected. I intended on staying for maybe a week or so, but I stayed longer because I wanted to get off the beaten path. My general impressions: super friendly people, amazing sandwiches, the cutest children I’ve ever seen, amazing scenery, and an overall authentic country. Laos is what Thailand […]

  • Laos
  • The Secret War


    We need to talk about Laos. To not know about the Secret War, which was a crime against humanity, is truly a disservice to the people of Laos. This country is beautiful, full of people who are genuinely happy and grateful for what they have even in the midst of such devastation and pain. Despite […]